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Every student should become international! Asia Exchange is currently accepting applications to its partner universities in Asia for the summer and autumn semester 2018. Apply now and secure your place among other international students at one of the following destinations. Your life-changing experience awaits!



Study abroad in Indonesia on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Bali is not only a world-famous tourist hotspot known for its white sandy beaches, perfect waves and a rich cultural heritage, but it also attracts hundreds of adventurous students each year. Lombok, on the other hand, is ideal for those looking for unspoilt nature, tranquil atmosphere and a generous, communal spirit. Now, you also have the chance to study at one of the best universities of these regions and spend a semester in the heart of authentic Indonesian culture.



Whether you prefer life in one of the most iconic metropolises of the world or in a tropical paradise, Thailand has it all. Bangkok is a city of contrasts, endless discoveries and some of the best universities in South East Asia offering both exchange semesters as well as whole degree studies in various fields. In contrast to Bangkok, in Phuket you will spend a semester in a true paradise setting on one of the most popular holiday islands in Asia. The high-quality study program at the oldest university in Southern Thailand and a variety of exotic free time activities guarantee an unforgettable semester! Phuket is also the ideal destination for those living abroad for the first time.



Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations among exchange students. In addition to being an important Asian business and education hub, the capital city Kuala Lumpur is also a fascinating melting pot of different cultures, religions and cuisines. High-class education in an elite university combined with the diverse culture, affordable prices, endless attractions and a pleasant climate, make Kuala Lumpur the perfect choice of destination for students from all study backgrounds.



Gain considerable academic and professional advantage by spending a semester in the commercial and cultural hub of East China! The rich and complex history of Shanghai has shaped it into a meeting point between the East and the West, where you can simultaneously breath in the spirit of ancient China as well as fast-paced and futuristic vibes of the modern world. Thanks to its multicultural and accommodating atmosphere and endless work and free time opportunities, Shanghai has also earned a reputation as one of the best international student cities in the world.



Seoul is equally known for its cutting-edge technological advancements as well as for its ancient Korean traditions and several UNESCO world heritage sites. South Korea is world-famous for its high educational standards and Seoul is ranked among the best student cities in the world. The high-quality study programs of the best international university in Korea, ideal location in the heart of East Asia, captivating cultural contrasts and the warmth of the local people have made Seoul a sought-after study abroad destination where only one semester is often just not enough.



If for some reason a full semester is not feasible for you, but you still want to have the chance to study abroad in Asia, a shorter summer school session is an ideal solution. Within just one month, you will get to experience a whole new culture, learn the basics of a new language, gain friends from across the world and advance your academic studies. A summer program abroad will also show your future employers that you have made a productive use of your summer break. You can join the following international summer school programs organized in July/August 2018 at two of our prestigious partner universities.



The study abroad programs have tuition fees and are meant for free mover students going on exchange to universities outside their home institutions’ study abroad options. All courses are taught in English. If you'd like to get even more out of your study abroad period, it is also possible to apply for two semesters in one or two different destinations. Read here more about why spending a full year in Asia will benefit you in multiple ways. Asia Exchange also awards scholarships for students studying abroad via Asia Exchange. Read more about our scholarship here.

Application deadlines:
The application round for the summer and autumn semesters 2018 closes in April – May 2018 (with the exception of some Balinese and Thai universities already in January-February 2018). See the exact deadlines for each university on our website.

Detailed application instructions are available here.

We also warmly recommend you check out the inspirational stories and study abroad experiences from our previous students in our community hub!



Asia Exchange offers several internship placements to international students each year at its different office locations. You can leave us your application at Students can also apply for internships through our partner organizations in East and South-East Asia. There are hundreds of places available to students in various fields. Find out more and apply here.