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We are an established language service provider based in Ireland specialising in Translation, Interpreting and Localisation.

Currently, we have availability to accept students on internship placement for 3-12 months starting immediately.

Between the two office locations in Cork and Limerick, we can typically accommodate 4-5 students during a year for a period of minimum of 3 months and up until 12 months cooperating with national and international Higher Education Institutions and student placement organisations. Each office has a manager. This is a great opportunity for graduates and master students to get working experience in a professional environment. We have received positive feedback from both students and sending organisations.

There are four vacancies we normally advertise:

The 1st position is ideal for students doing the following courses:

  • Business Studies / Business & Language
  • Language Studies
  • Applied Languages
  • Language & Literature
  • European / International / Foreign Studies
  • Journalism
  • HR / Management
  • Accounting & Finance

The 2nd one would suit students studying:

  • Web / Software Development
  • Digital Media Design
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Systems

The 3rd position is ideal for:

  • Business Studies
  • Marketing / Advertisement
  • Sales
  • Research
  • Social Media
  • New Media
  • PR

The 4th position is a fantastic opportunity for:

  • Journalism
  • Cultural studies
  • Writers / Editors
  • Courses from 3rd position are suitable too


If you have suitable candidates looking for a work placement, please let us know.

Feel free to pass this information to your students and post it on your website / job boards.

If there is a certain procedure to follow to register with your organisation as a placement company, please provide the necessary instructions.


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