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We inform you that our Association, with experience in international mobility (,,, has initiated a new project in Italy in support of schools of second degree (high school: high schools, technical and vocational schools) for the activation of courses school-work.

These courses, with the Law 107/2015 of the Italian Ministry of Education, has been made mandatory for all high schools (Classes III, IV and V).

Futuro Digitale has already contacted by many schools in order to handle:
- to prepare training courses;
- organization of interships;
- eliberate certifications;
- training of extra curriculum courses'

For this project, Futuro Digitale will be payed by schools.

Some houres of the training courses that are provided by the Law no.107, can be develops in foreings companies or organizations within Erasmus+ Programme.

Therefore, participation in a Mobility Project can be considered as part of the internship like experience of an intership within the project alternance school-work.

Our proposal is:
if your organizations will decide to apply for a KA1 Project Education (Schools) or VET for the next deadline in march 2016, for the youth with the age between 15-17 years, our association will be able to be your partner, ensuring the sending of participants. Moreover, in this type of project, our association can act as a Intermediary Organisation.

Attached is also a presentation of services offered by the FUTURO DIGITALE.

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