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Every student should become international! Asia Exchange is currently accepting applications to the following study abroad destinations in Asia for the summer and autumn 2017:



WARMADEWA UNIVERSITY (Bali): Warmadewa University located in Denpasar, the heart of Bali, is a welcome addition to the island’s university selection. The intercultural study program offers both Bachelor and Master level courses in the fields of Indonesian culture, language and society as well as international business and management.

UDAYANA UNIVERSITY (Bali): One of Indonesia’s top universities is popular especially among Nordic, German and American students. The program includes Bachelor and Master level courses in culture, language, business and tourism.

MATARAM UNIVERSITY (Lombok): The international study program offers business, language and culture courses in different academic levels. Mataram University is one of the most respected institutions in the area. It is situated in the city of Mataram surrounded by authentic local culture on the scenic West coast of Lombok, one of the most beautiful islands in the world.



RANGSIT UNIVERSITY (Bangkok): This internationally renowned and Thailand’s top private university offers a vast selection of study programs for both exchange and degree students in all academic levels. The campus facilities and the various sports and recreational activities challenge all the best universities in the world.

SIAM UNIVERSITY (Bangkok): For the past 20 years, Siam University, one of Thailand’s leading private institutions has offered Bachelor and Master’s studies and programs for both exchange and degree students. Its ideal location right next to the Bangkok city center provides a great setting for studying and free time activities.

KASETSART UNIVERSITY (Bangkok): This university of 58 000 students is one of the best in Thailand. Study programs include courses for example in business, engineering and technology. Students can include in their study plan courses also from several other faculties and in Thai language. The university organizes diverse activities and excursions during the semester for exchange students.

PRINCE OF SONGKLA UNIVERSITY (Phuket): This oldest university in Southern Thailand gets rave reviews each semester for its quality teaching, amazing location and inspiring staff. The university offers dozens of courses especially in the fields of business, management and tourism in addition to their vast selection of extracurricular activities and excursions.



UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur): An unforgettable exchange semester is guaranteed in the leading research university in Malaysia in the heart of South East Asia. The comprehensive study selection includes courses from various faculties in different academic levels.



SHANGHAI UNIVERSITY (Shanghai): Shanghai University is located right in Shanghai city center. It’s an excellent study abroad destination especially for students interested in international business but also for those fascinated by Chinese language and culture.

GUANGZHOU UNIVERSITY (Guangzhou): The international Guangzhou University offers a unique opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the Chinese language, culture, business and economics. At the campus you will meet students especially from other parts of China, the Nordic and German speaking countries, France and the United States.



HANKUK UNIVERSITY OF FOREIGN STUDIES (Seoul): Located in the heart of the nations’ capital, HUFS is the top international university in Korea. It has been ranked the 3rd best university with language programs in the QS Rankings (2013). Student can choose their courses from many different fields of study, and programs are offered at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.



OTEMON GAKUIN UNIVERSITY (Osaka): The long-awaited study abroad semester in Japan is now available at the historic Otemon Gakuin University in the Osaka metropolitan area. The surroundings represent a fascinating mix of traditional Japanese culture and modern big city life. The university’s Japan program introduces exchange students to the local language, culture, society, philosophy, literature and economics.



BALI SUMMER SCHOOL (Bali, Indonesia): Udayana University now offers the chance to participate in its month-long summer school period from the end of July till the end of August in the paradise setting of Bali. Students can gain up to 20 credits in four weeks in the fields of Indonesian language and culture as well as international business and management.

HUFS INTERNATIONAL SUMMER SESSION (Seoul, South Korea): International students now have the chance to benefit from the high quality teaching of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in its month-long International Summer Session. The program is organized from mid-July till mid-August. In addition to the courses focused on Korean language and culture, the study program includes also several interesting excursions to Seoul and other parts of the country.



The study abroad programs have tuition fees and are meant for free mover students going on exchange to universities outside their home institutions’ study abroad options. Courses are held in English. Asia Exchange also awards scholarships for students studying abroad via Asia Exchange. Read more about scholarships at

Application round:
The application round for the summer and autumn semesters 2017 as well as the summer school programs closes in April-May 2017. The exact dates can be found on our website.

Please note that we are still accepting late applications on a case by case basis for the summer semester 2017 at Warmadewa University!

More on how to apply:



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