Institution's profile

The students of the Faculty of Education are allowed to study any type of study programmes, i.e. bachelor degree (Bc.) programmes, one "long-term" master (Mgr.) degree programme as well as the follow-up master degree and doctoral (Ph.D.) degree programmes, namely:

  • Bachelor degree studies in the Specialization in Pedagogy study programme,
  • Several bachelor degree studies for non-teachers,
  • Follow-up master degree studies in the Primary School Teaching study programme,
  • Follow-up master degree studies in the Secondary School Teaching study programme,
  • Master degree study in the Primary School Teaching study programme, field of study: Teaching for the First Level of Primary School

Master degree graduates are offered to continue in the Ph.D. studies, namely the following fields of study:

  • Information and Communication Technology in Education,
  • Educational Psychology,
  • Biology Education,
  • Theory of Mathematics Education.

Moreover, the Faculty of Education offers a variety of shorter courses in its lifelong education programme.

The Faculty continues to meet success in developing its scientific and artistic activities, while accomplishing the international comparable results in various branches.

The Faculty of Education is attended by nearly 3,900 students and employs 133 university teachers and 92 non-teaching employees. The Faculty is structured into 16 departments and divisions in charge of the studies and scientific and artistic activities as well as 12 administrative and operating units, and is located in four buildings both in the historical and newly built parts of České Budějovice.

The electronic networks in the main faculty buildings are connected to the Internet and Intranet (i.e. an internal network of the University of South Bohemia which also interconnects the institutes of biology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).

The Faculty is also well-known for its academic sports club Slavia with many teams, experienced coaches and instructors.